Land Opportunities

The G C Construction name has become strongly associated with quality and individuality and people are prepared to pay a premium for this. We are able to utilise this premium to help us to create best value for each and every development opportunity and therefore the land owner.

We purchase land with or without planning permission and have considerable expertise in resolving difficult planning problems. We have developed good working relationships with local planning authorities and employ top quality architects and planning consultants to ensure that the value of any site is optimised. We are particularly interested in large houses with large gardens and redundant commercial premises.

We welcome the chance to discuss potential development opportunities with all parties.

If you have any opportunity you feel might be right for G C Construction with or without planning permission and would like to speak to our Land Buyers, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In the first instance, please contact Ashling Whelan on 0161 833 3470 or

Difficult refurbishments and renovation projects are undertaken with flexibility, skills and cost savings. Tight deadlines and ambitious programmes are also met as a result of continued and direct involvement in the construction. This excellent understanding of the construction process and being able to see development projects through to completion, in turn, reassures joint venture partners, funding partners and investors.

G C Construction’s progressive and dynamic approach to the management of construction projects has gained the company’s outstanding recognition in the industry, which has led to a successful delivery of completed projects within its time schedule and on budget.

G C Construction look to deal openly with all our clients, to assist in adding value wherever we can and to deliver a completed project that satisfies the requirements of all parties concerned

We place client satisfaction at the very heart of our business. Meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations is driven by strong leadership and an organisational culture of continual improvement.