Property Developers

G C Construction changed its name from Kitwe Developments Limited in 2018 but was formed in 2005 as the development division of the former Kitwe Group.

Our locations for new housing developments are carefully selected in areas where people want to live. Each bespoke development is then designed and created to blend sympathetically within its surroundings and ultimately becomes a valuable attribute to the community.

Development projects, where we are responsible for the initial purchase of the land, all aspects of the construction programme and the ultimate lease or sale of the buildings, are becoming an increasing part of our portfolio.

Our small team of property professionals have considerable and varied development expertise, but we are also able to call on the specialist construction, legal and property management expertise from within the G C Construction Group to provide a one stop shop for property development.

Our key approach to project delivery is collaboration and flexibility. We engender a spirit of partnership and integration throughout the whole team, working hard on ‘anticipation’ rather than problem solving after the event. We forecast rather than report, maintaining a communicative and proactive line throughout the project.

With G C Construction (UK) Ltd you can buy with confidence because we are a private housebuilder, contractor and developer who prides itself in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction in quality, service and customer care.