July 2013

Loughor, Swansea, South Wales

Works completed on time and within budget on our ‘Supported Living’ project in South Wales .  This 339m2 Bungalow was our 5th project for First Choice Housing Association.

The building is a bungalow designed and built for ‘supported living’.  It provides a home for 4 people plus a bedroom for the carer.

5 bedrooms are at ground floor level, one bathroom is shared by two bedrooms, and again opposite across the hallway the other bathroom serves the other two bedrooms. The carer has their own bathroom.

The scheme provides a 2 lounges and a kitchen/dining room.

All the bedrooms and lounges have hoists which can transfer tenants from bed to bathroom and around both bedrooms, lounge and bathrooms

Supported living is a concept that was developed as an alternative to institutional care for people with learning disabilities and brought into the UK in the 1990’s. The main principles of supported living are that people with learning disabilities own or rent their home and have control over the support they get, who they live with (if anyone) and how they live their lives. Supported living assumes that all people with learning disabilities, regardless of the level or type of disability, are able to make choices about how to live their lives even if the person does not make choices in conventional ways.

Here at Kitwe we are extremely proud to have delivered 6 of these homes during the past 3 years, effectively changing the lives of the individuals who live there.