Supported Housing

Kitwe have worked closely with Housing Associations and Local Authorities in the provision of Supported Housing.  We have expertise in designing and building specialist accommodation for people with physical disabilities and take into account the demanding requirements of this type of property.  We have successfully completed a number these units which are designed to make life easy and keep any special requirements succinct and not  ‘in your face’.

It is important that supported housing is not ‘institutionalised’  in its appearance and provides a normal home conditions for people with special needs.  Hoists, ‘rise and fall’ baths and wash hand basins, Clos-o-Mat WCs, wall protection linings, automatic door openers and closers, spacious hallways and bathrooms are all accounted for in our designs.  Level access to the whole building perimeter is a must for people in wheelchairs and our designs have the external levels of the building at the forefront.


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